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Tips for leaving an abusive marriage

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2024 | Domestic Violence |

Leaving an abusive marriage is a courageous but complex process that requires careful planning and support. Individuals in such situations must prioritize their safety and well-being as they navigate independence.

Because safety is a priority, these tips are only appropriate if the situation at home is calm. If there’s physical abuse or danger to an individual or their children, they’ll initiate an emergency plan.

Develop a safety plan

If you’re in this position, creating a safety plan that includes safe places to stay, a list of essential contacts and an escape route from the home is important. It is also advisable to rehearse the escape plan and keep a packed bag with essential items, including identification, money, keys and important documents in a secure, quickly accessible location.

Secure financial independence

Financial independence is crucial for leaving an abusive marriage. If possible, open a bank account only in your name and save money discreetly. Understand your financial situation and how it will work in your new, single life. This can help you build a foundation for life after the split.

Build a support network

You need a strong support system when you leave. This can include family members, friends and professionals who can assist with various parts of the divorce, if possible. If not, community resources can be helpful. You’ll also need someone to help with the legal aspects of the divorce.

Consulting with a legal professional who understands domestic violence and family law can provide clarity on your rights and the legal steps necessary for separation or divorce. It’s possible to consult with someone for legal assistance before you leave the marriage. This can give you an idea of how things may go during divorce. Make sure to make contact in a way that isn’t easily traceable by your partner.