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What You Should Know About Domestic Violence Allegations

The courts are not lenient when it comes to domestic violence or abuse. Even an allegation can radically change the course of your case. For victims, this can offer substantial protection; for the accused, it can mean serious and ongoing consequences.

At the Law Office of William A. Koch, I have over four decades of experience as a Certified Family Law Specialist. I use my knowledge and legal acumen to support you in times of need, including after intimate partner violence and domestic abuse. I am compassionate and assertive; you can trust me to protect your interests during these trying times.

What To Expect From A Restraining Order

Many people are skeptical about the impact of a domestic violence restraining order; they simply doubt that it will have a real impact on their lives. However, a restraining order has ongoing impact on both the alleged victim and the accused.

According to California law, when a court grants a restraining order:

  • The alleged abuser must surrender their firearms
  • The court puts a stay on changes to vital services, like changes to insurance policies
  • The alleged abuser must stay away from the alleged victim and any children, even if the parties are currently cohabitating
  • The alleged abuser must follow all court orders, including spousal support orders and child custody and support orders

If you are considering filing for a restraining order or are unsure how it may impact your life and other family law matters, you should call my office where I can speak with you in-depth about your options.

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