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How to have a child-centered divorce from your spouse

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2024 | Divorce |

Divorces are rarely easy, no matter how on the same page you and your former spouse are. Matters can become more difficult and complex with shared children in the mix. That’s why many couples currently focus on having child-centered divorces in California.

Sticking to routines

Chances are, your life revolves around some time of routine. For example, many people have a work schedule to follow with their spare time squared away for other activities. However, you might be unaware that routines are also vital for children. Consistent schedules let your child feel a sense of stability, even when big changes are happening with their parents.

Establishing a co-parenting plan

Another powerful part of a child-centered divorce is a co-parenting plan. This plan allows parents to set up detailed schedules regarding visitations, communication plans, and who’s responsible for child-related decisions.

Watching what you say

No matter how agreeable your divorce proceedings are, having negative feelings about your former spouse is understandable. And while it’s good to vent your frustrations and feelings about this person, avoid doing that in front of your child. Your child needs to view each of their parents as a good person, which is difficult if they hear negative things about their parents.

Attending a child’s special events

Children often find themselves involved in everything from school plays and talent shows to sports games or intellectual competitions. In a child-centered divorce, both parents typically attend any event a child would want them present for. This doesn’t mean their parents must arrive together or sit with each other.

As a backup plan, it’s worth considering having a mediator or other neutral third party available. This person or people can help resolve disputes between you and your ex-spouse as they arise during a child-centered divorce.