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The seriousness of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Domestic Violence |

To many people, domestic violence refers to spousal abuse, but the term can also refer to the abuse of elders, children and other household members. Case studies of domestic abusers reveal the many different ways violence manifests. Persons accused of domestic violence may face criminal charges in California.

Forms of domestic violence

Physical abuse, such as hitting or kicking, reflects ways someone might inflict acts of domestic violence. Physical violence could escalate to the point a victim’s life could be in danger. No instance of domestic violence is acceptable, regardless of the frequency or severity.

Again, physical abuse is not the only form domestic violence takes. Sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse are other forms. Many times, a victim experience several types of domestic violence inflicted by an abusive partner or relative.

The signs of domestic violence could be obvious. Victims may suffer from bruises and lacerations. Psychological abuse might result in the victim becoming depressed and withdrawn. Others could fall victim to substance abuse issues as they try to cope with the situation.

A victim could become prone to sleeping more than usual and not engaging in previously enjoyable activities. They may stop engaging with friends and family members as they withdraw.

Domestic violence charges

Households where domestic violence exists could leave the victims suffering permanent emotional scars. Violent incidents might put victims at risk for life-threatening injuries, so it may be necessary for those suffering at the hands of an abuser to take action to protect themselves and others in the home.

Victims could explore legal options to deal with a domestic abuser, including asking the courts for a restraining order. Spouses may also file for divorce to end a marriage with an abusive partner.