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How do you know if someone is going through abuse?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Domestic Violence |

Knowing the warning signs of domestic violence could help you notice when a loved one is going through abuse. California has laws to protect people from all types of domestic abuse, including financial, emotional and physical.

Changes in mood

An unusual change in your loved one’s mood is a warning sign that they’re going through a difficult life situation. It could be a case of domestic violence. This change in mood isn’t always depression. Some people become easily agitated. A person may also become withdrawn and unresponsive.

Unusual behaviors

If your loved one starts acting differently, this could be a sign of abuse. You might see changes in their eating habits, sleeping patterns, hygiene and grooming. Weight loss or gain is another indicator. They may start to apologize often over minor issues.

Unexplained injuries

When someone begins to have often bruises, cuts, broken bones and other injuries, then they may be in a domestic violence situation. Many people will make up stories about how they got the injury because they feel embarrassed or scared to tell the truth. Some people may say they don’t know how they got the injury.

Nervousness or fear around certain people

If you observe that they always become nervous and fearful around certain people, then abuse may be occurring. They might quiet down when that person is around. You might notice them flinching or tensing up if the person makes a sudden movement or sound.

Change in their financial situation

Sudden financial problems when they used to be responsible is a warning sign of financial abuse. Some abusers will go as far as causing their victims to lose their jobs and prevent them from finding work.

The warning signs that your loved one is going through abuse revolve around changes in their behaviors, physical appearance and life circumstances. You might want to ask them if something has been troubling them lately while you’re in a safe environment.