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Unique issues in a California divorce with a special needs child

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Divorce |

Getting a divorce in California when you have a special needs child means that it is important to consider all the elements of your arrangement that may affect them. This includes matters such as medical decisions, financial support and residential arrangements.

Parenting plan considerations

A parenting plan helps to provide a sense of stability and safety for children after a divorce. When you have a special needs child, it is essential to tailor the plan to meet their unique needs and address any issues that may arise.

Financial considerations

Divorcing parents in California have an obligation to provide financially for their special needs children until they reach adulthood. Generally speaking, this includes court-ordered child support payments as well as additional funds for medical or educational expenses related to their condition. The amount of financial support provided will depend on each parent’s ability to pay, the child’s needs and other factors.

Residential considerations

When it comes to residential arrangements for a special needs child in California, the court will take into account several factors such as their age, medical requirements and educational opportunities. The court may decide that one parent should have primary physical custody of the child while the other parent maintains legal custody. It is important to consider how living in two different homes can affect a special needs child’s stability and schedule.

Divorce is difficult and complicated, even in the best conditions; when parents have a special needs child, navigating the process and ensuring that they meet their needs can be even more challenging. The most important thing is to recognize what your financial and legal obligations are as a parent and make sure you are creating an arrangement that works for everyone involved.