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Tips for winning full custody of your child

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Firm News |

Getting a local court to grant you full custody of your child is a significant challenge. In most cases, courts try to allow both parents to be involved in the lives of their children. Parents in California who are trying to obtain full custody in a court battle should be sure to remember these three tips.

Focus on your child’s best interests

Ideally, your pursuit of full custody is driven by the best interests of your child. If you want sole custody of your child, it should be because that is what is best for his or her future, not because you’re trying to punish the other parent. Throughout your custody battle, you will need to make several decisions, and it’s crucial that each decision you make is made with your child’s best interests in mind.

Research your state’s laws and guidelines

While the lawyer that you work with will be able to help with this, you should be sure that you research your state’s laws and requirements for sole custody. Parents who want full custody of their children need to be informed about their states’ requirements. This can help you avoid a pointless legal battle in the event that you don’t have a sound case.

Proper courtroom behavior

You must make a good impression on the judge overseeing your child custody case. Wearing nice clothes to court, being respectful to everyone in the courtroom (including your child’s other parent), and being aware of your body language and demeanor are all important steps. Obviously, these behaviors can’t guarantee that you will win full custody, but they will certainly help your chances. This is especially true if your child’s other parent fails to live up to these standards.

There are times when a child’s best interests are served by one parent having full custody. If you believe that’s the case for your child, these tips can help you improve your odds of winning full custody.