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Domestic violence in California

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

California courts define domestic violence as threats of abuse or abuse where the abuser and person being abused have an intimate relationship. In this case, intimate relationships may include married couples, domestic partners, people currently dating, or those with a dating history. People living together or people who have a child together also qualify. Domestic violence also applies to people related by blood or marriage. There are several types of abuse that qualify as an act of domestic violence.

Abuse in domestic violence

Under domestic violence laws, abuse includes intentionally or recklessly physically hurting or attempting to hurt someone else. Acts of intimidation, threats and sexual assault are other types of abuse that qualify as domestic violence. Any behavior involving stalking, harassing, disturbing someone’s peace or destroying property could constitute domestic violence. Physical abuse may include shoving, kicking, pulling hair, confining or restricting mobility or throwing things.

Forms of domestic violence

Domestic violence often takes shape in other forms beyond physical attacks. This type of abuse can also be emotional, verbal or physiological in nature. Abusing pets may also qualify as a form of domestic violence. Abusers typically rely on a variety of tactics that give them power or control over the abused. People being victimized by domestic violence may be able to speak with a counselor or obtain a restraining order.

Domestic violence restraining orders are court orders designed to protect people from being abused or being exposed to threats of abuse from someone with whom they have a close relationship. This type of restraining order applies to people being threatened by a current or former intimate partner. There are other types of court orders available to protect people from being exposed to other forms of abuse or harassment.