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How witnessing domestic violence negatively affects children

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

Unfortunately, certain people involved in relationships in California end up becoming victims of domestic abuse. While acts of mental and physical violence can wreak havoc on someone’s well-being, it’s also imperative to think of children who witness these behaviors. Here are some of the main ways that witnessing domestic violence can negatively affect children.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Many children who grow up around domestic violence find themselves dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. If a child suffers from PTSD, it can cause lots of unwanted changes to their brain. These changes might include frequent nightmares, having a hard time concentrating and bouts of anger.

Feelings of anxiety

Seeing domestic violence can also cause a lot of harm to a child’s mental health. If children experience trauma at home, it’s understandable for them to develop mild to severe anxiety. In turn, this condition can cause children to feel uneasy even while they’re in a calm environment. If a child is young enough, seeing violence at home can cause them to regress into toddler-like behaviors, including bedwetting and sucking their thumbs.

Physical pain

Even if a child isn’t a direct victim of abuse, witnessing domestic violence can cause them to experience physical pain. For instance, it’s not uncommon for children who see domestic violence to experience stomach pain and headaches. These ailments are often tied to the stress that comes with violence happening at home.

No child should ever have to witness domestic violence. If you and your spouse or partner are having relationship problems, it could be in your best interest to leave the relationship or contact the authorities if you feel unsafe.