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Address false allegations of abuse during custody hearings

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Child Custody |

Not every divorce falls under the description of amicable. Some divorce cases turn out to be bitter affairs, with both parties arguing during settlement talks or in a California courtroom. Sadly, some cases prove so bitter that one spouse lies about the other to gain an edge. Sometimes, one spouse could make false claims that the other abuses their children to gain custody. Hopefully, the falsely accused parent may overcome the accusations.

Dealing with false claims of abuse

A parent could coach a child into lying about abuse. The targeting parent could also make false claims in court. However, attempts to fool judges and attorneys could fail as there are ways to dispute such claims credibly. An expert witness, such as a law enforcement official or a therapist, may challenge the allegations and point out why they seem false.

Strong, tangible evidence might reveal discrepancies about the abuse claims. Emails and text messages may paint a different picture of the relationship between the targeted parent and the child. Similar evidence may reveal the accusing parent is unstable or makes claims not backed up by timelines or circumstances. Ultimately, any evidence the falsely accused parent can gather may work in their favor.

Approaching the accusations with care

A parent facing false accusations may become understandably upset. Overreacting or becoming confrontational might not help the cause. As hard as it could be to remain levelheaded, such behavior seems like the only workable attitude to take during child custody and visitation hearings.

A defeatist attitude could ruin any chances of overcoming false allegations. While the process may be stressful, not challenging the allegations effectively may lead to far worse consequences.