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Actions to deal with domestic violence

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence remains a serious problem in California and throughout the country, and those who are constantly facing threats of physical violence might find their lives in danger. Taking appropriate steps to protect oneself and any children facing threats seems advisable. However, a victim might not know what options are available or how to address the situation.

Actions to take to address domestic violence

Remaining in a household where domestic violence is common may have severe consequences. Domestic violence need not involve physical violence to cause great harm, as emotional and psychological cruelty could have terrible consequences. Neglect and abandonment could also inflict severe pain. However, a victim might need to stay calm and carefully think about how to leave the situation safely.

Time might not be on a victim’s side in every situation. When threats are significant, escaping the home at the first opportunity might be the best option. Making plans emergency plans, such as leaving a door open or unlocked, might prove helpful when a bad situation escalates.

Legal actions and domestic violence

Calling the police might be unavoidable when an abuser’s behavior becomes irrational and dangerous. Incidents of domestic violence may lead to criminal charges since the behavior could be aggravated assault.

Taking legal action might be unavoidable when someone feels threatened by a spouse, partner, relative, or another person. Filing for a protective order in court could alleviate some concerns and risks. Court intervention may alter an abuser’s behavior or constrict it.