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Why should divorcing spouses come up with a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Child Custody |

Divorce may involve more than the spouses seeking to dissolve the union. Parents filing for divorce must consider their childen’s welfare, and doing so includes developing a workable parenting plan. Spouses could disagree on many things, which often results in divorce. Those disagreements may extend to the child’s care, creating problems for the young one. For the child’s sake, devising a workable parenting plan seems advisable. The plan could help California couples to avoid conflicts while allowing the child to transition to a new post-divorce arrangement.

A parenting plan explained

The plan should not center on what the parents want or prefer. Like other matters related to child custody, a parenting plan must focus on what is best for the child. Parents might need to negotiate a parenting plan, but it could benefit all involved when the parties are flexible.

A parenting plan may cover and delegate a wide range of parenting responsibilities. For example, the plan might establish who takes the child to extracurricular activities based on the spouse’s work schedule. The plan could state which parent handles medical issues and which one deals with the school. Ultimately, there are many items that the parenting plan covers.

Crafting a workable parenting plan

Working together to come up with a parenting plan could be challenging when the spouses engage in bitter disagreements. Procuring the services of a professional therapist or another third party might help everyone agree. Sometimes, the insights from a professional could quell disagreements that may affect the child.

Arguing over parenting plan details may create tension and conflict the child cannot ignore. Such stress may be disastrous for the young one’s mental health. Seeing parents divorce might be stressful enough, so why continue to make things worse for the child?