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Basic things to include in a child custody agreement

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Child Custody |

Many parents who are divorcing in California are willing to work together for the sake of their children. It’s only natural for parents who are facing divorce to be most concerned about the well-being of their kids.

Why child custody agreements are important

With careful planning, you and your co-parent can maintain a loving and comfortable environment that makes your child feel healthy and safe. Couples who are able to reach child custody agreements that work for both parties, as well as any children involved, may be able to avoid costly court proceedings.

Understanding the basics of child custody arrangements

Although every state has different requirements when it comes to creating child custody agreements, there are some basic things that everyone should have in their agreement. Here are a few important factors to include in your child custody agreement:

  • A complete schedule for visitation, including weekends and holidays
  • Requirements for traveling with your child
  • Details about child support payments
  • What pick-up and drop-off locations will look like
  • Important decisions about major issues like religious upbringing and education

Being as specific as possible is important

When creating a child custody agreement, being as specific as possible is important. The best thing you and your ex can do to protect each other and your child is to spell out every detail of your agreement. If you’re not specific in certain areas, you could leave the door open to disputes or a child custody suit.

Going through a divorce can be incredibly difficult. With so many changes at stake, figuring out the details of a mutual child custody agreement can seem hard. Start with your best foot forward and make decisions that work for the entire family. With careful thought, you can create a successful child custody agreement.