An Equitable, Efficient Division Of Marital Property

When dealing with property division in a divorce, the main objective is to obtain a fair and equitable outcome. You want to ensure that you have a stable financial future, so it is vital to not lose all you may have gained through a costly legal battle. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you obtain a reasonable solution as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Based in Lancaster, California, the Law Offices of William A. Koch represents clients in divorce and property division matters throughout the Antelope Valley. We've been handling family law matters since 1990, which has given us the knowledge and skill to properly identify shared property, determine its value and advise on how to divide it fairly between spouses.

Ensuring Accurate Valuation Of All Property

During property valuation, all shared and individual assets will be assessed and inventoried. This includes the marital home and other real estate, savings accounts, vehicles, fine jewelry, artwork and other items. Depending on your situation, you also may have a family business or high-value property that will need to be evaluated.

As your attorney, William Koch will look out for your best interests during the property division process, while also attempting to find reasonable solutions for both parties. If your case includes businesses or other valuable assets, he will rely upon his relationships with CPAs, forensic accountants and other trusted experts to obtain the value of each item. Once a solution is found, he will ensure that assets are transferred with the least financial impact.

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