Strong Advocacy For Relocation Cases

When one parent needs or decides to move away, with or without children, issues arise regarding custody and visitation. There also may be questions regarding whether you or the other party is allowed to move in the first place, as well as allowed to relocate with your children. Given the complexities and the intense emotions associated with move-aways, it is vital to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

Whether you are the parent who is moving away or staying, the Law Offices of William A. Koch can provide the aggressive advocacy you need. Relocation and custody cases are common throughout the Antelope Valley of California, and our Lancaster-based law firm has extensive experience handling them. We can carefully evaluate your situation, explain your rights and offer realistic advice regarding your options.

Finding Solutions That Are In The Children's Best Interests

Because relocation issues involve children, there are fairly strict rules regarding what actions can be taken. No matter what, the courts will rule in favor of what is deemed in the best interests of the children. The exact details of this determination can vary greatly depending on the relationship each parent has with the children, the relationship between parents and other unique characteristics of the case. Cases also can become more complex when they involve members of the military and their families.

As your attorney, William Koch will work vigorously to protect your custody and visitation rights. He has the knowledge and skill to negotiate on your behalf for a solution and resulting court order that meets your needs and is in your family's best interests.

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