Guidance Through Complex Military Divorce

When military families encounter divorce and other legal issues, there is an extra layer of complexity that stands in the way of effective resolution. Whether you or your spouse is stationed at Edwards Air Force Base or another military facility, it is vital to find a lawyer who understands the special considerations associated with your legal matter.

At the Law Offices of William A. Koch, we represent clients in a wide range of family law issues, including military divorce, custody and other matters. Based in Lancaster, California, we represent military personnel and civilian spouses throughout the Antelope Valley.

Knowledgeable Representation For Your Unique Situation

During military divorce and other family law cases, questions, issues and considerations can arise that require knowledgeable advice and guidance. For example:

  • Who is paying for the family/marital residence — the individuals or the military?
  • What happens when the civilian spouse moves off base?
  • How will future deployments affect the progress of the case?
  • Are children going to school on or off base?
  • What options are available for child and spousal support?
  • How does visitation work if the person in the military moves around the country or world?
  • What happens to retirement and family law benefits (BAH and BAS) when a couple separates?
  • How do veterans benefits affect buying a home?

With more than 35 years of family law experience, attorney William Koch can assist with even the most complex issues, including military divorce and other family law issues. He has an understanding of military timelines and how they can affect family court cases, particularly with regard to deployment. If you or your spouse is deployed, he will work to establish temporary orders until the case can continue. Additionally, Mr. Koch is able to work with a judge advocate general (JAG) if necessary for restraining orders and other difficult situations.

Discuss Your Case With Our Attorney

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